Breman Jamra Turns Red – As Parents Keeps Counting Their Losses; Who Is To Blame?


I am writing this article with a lot of pain in my heart. I know time is fast running out and this “news story” wouldn’t make sense anymore.

This is a country where ‘anybody’ at all can mess up with his or her work and get paid at the end of the month.

I sometimes feel the era of military regime should roll back just to put people on their toes. I’m sure a lot of the populace out there will condemn this negative effect of democracy inherited.   For how long shall we continue to borrow our sorrow from tomorrow? It’s a shame.

On the mid-morning of January 31, 2017, not only did the people of Breman Jamra Township witnessed a bloody but painful disaster, on a whole it affected the entire country.

Many of the media networks in the country had sent in their regional correspondents to broadcast the news as it was been told.

I couldn’t believe in my ears, the sounds of words and in my eyes the horrific images from the disaster scene trooping in by these reporters to their various media platforms.

From the corridors of 3FM to Citi FM, flipping to Starr FM and to Joy News I couldn’t just “think right”. Innocent children (pupils) with innocent thoughts and minds just perished in their own classroom as an old school structured block collapsed on them.

This happened at the Jamra Methodist Primary School in Breman Jamra of the Asikuma Obobeng Brakwa District in the Central Region.

The lives of these future leaders have been cut short by someone’s negligence, or perhaps somebody in authority somewhere failure to act quickly. While these children were in their classroom learning and trying to make a positive impact in the society where they lived, the school building just caved down and immediately killing four pupils on the spot. As if that was not enough, “death” with its wickedness chassed the injured ones to the hospital and manage to steal two more innocent souls.

I’m just wondering how the parents of these pupils would swallow the bitter news when it gets to them. Just thinking aloud.

I know how sad it is to take your child to school to become a “better” person only to be killed by that same school.

Who is to blame for this horrific incident? I remember how in 2008, Manasseh Azure filed a news of a school building that had collapsed and killed a boy named Kwadwo Njorfuni instantly. Many other pupils in that same school had various degree of injuries not forgetting one Sumaila Larbil who fell into comma for a very long time.

For a thousand times I will ask the question again….. “For how long shall we continue to borrow our sorrow from tomorrow”?

Many would have taught that, state government and authorities, institutions and agencies, including the mother of education sector in the country, Ghana Education Service would rise to the task of securing the lives of these innocent children upon taking clues and lessons from previous occurrence(s). So you see the kind of lives we are living in our own motherland?


Ghana Education Service never inaugurated any committee or built any structure to investigate the occurrences of school building collapsing on innocent pupils.

I am very much sure that, these agencies will be up and doing when the President, Minister(s) or Cabinet Minster’s son or daughter is involved in a disaster such as this nature.

According to a report I read on Joy News portal, the Chief and some town Elders had made complains to the Head of Jamra Methodist Primary School to critically consider the plight of the school children by either relocating them or vacating the entire building because it poses a treat.

Listening to one Officer from the Ghana Education Service on Joy News channel, the Journalist asked whether he would resign from his post since he has failed to deliver and hence loosing the lives of these innocent pupils. The man (name withheld) replied the Journalist and said “I don’t think I can resign or vacate my post from the Ghana Education Service. The harm has already been caused and let’s look into the future with a new hope”.

This is the kind of mind-set and irresponsible people we live in the country with.

A proverb from Zululand says, “A fault confesses is half redressed”. In Sierra Leone, there is a popular wise saying which reads “To try and to fail is not laziness” but I am concluding that, to fail to try is complete stupidity.

The desire to see these six pupils attaining their dreams one day, is buried in the grave with them. It’s a shame.

Ghana must rise and work again.



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