Limited Avenue for Employment for Persons with Disabilities; The Challenging Factor


Over the period, Persons with Disability have been left to suffer their own faith as most organizations and enterprises including government agencies reject their proposals as working staff or contract.

Most of these persons who fall into these category consciously or unconsciously, thus, either at birth or through an accident being natural predicament or human error are mostly seen on streets begging to the latter.

Majority of the visual impaired and crawling chapters are most often aided by young kids of school going age. The disturbing issue of this kind is the trauma and total adhere to endurance of embracing the environment characteristics such as facing the scorching sun, soaking in the rain, breathing polluted air and among many others.

The classes of hearing and speech impaired warmly walks to pedestrians on streets or to passengers in mostly commercial transport with inscription boldly labeled on papers or envelops soliciting for arms.

Unfortunately, little attention has / have been given out to these persons who continuously strive to survive by an action of plead.

In order to curbed the challenging factor, a positive avenue and lead have been set by the Management and Directors of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) fast food, as they have boldly employed a number of persons with hearing impaired as Customer Service Representative for its branch at Osu, a suburb of Accra.

This new chapter is set to open more avenues for these persons who only seeks to gainfully get employed or given professional technical handiwork.

Some research done by indicates that, aside unemployment statistics of many pages, the challenges that disabled persons suffer range from physical structure, emotional, economic, psychological, education, culture and health and medical .

Bulawayo24news, an on-line news portal spelled out some challenges the physically challenged persons go through. The intricacy of disability is that, it is associated with poverty, rejections and discrimination.

Economically, if institutions duly work and structures such as factories are erected for these persons, it will definitely reduce the number of panhandlers on the street.


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